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Why Is My Furnace Leaking Water?

Why Is My Furnace Leaking Water?

Some furnace issues only take time to develop—just like water leakage. It may come as a surprise and leave you worrying about your heating system.  You’ll most likely call a technician to diagnose the problem and take the necessary actions. But wait! Let’s have a look at a few reasons why your furnace is leaking water, and then we’ll know the next steps to take.

Common Reasons for a Furnace Leaking Water

Clogged Filters

Water leaks in your furnace happen for a variety of reasons related to either part damage or maintenance issues such as a clogged filter. A dirty furnace filter restricts airflow along the evaporator coil, causing the coil to freeze over time. When the ice on the coil melts, it will result in leakage. Changing your filters will save your furnace from this problem.

Condensation Issue

Most high-efficiency furnaces produce condensation that could be the cause of leaks. The condensation should be carried out of your home via the exhaust pipes or tubes.  However, when these pipes break or become clogged, the excess water will go back to the furnace and then leak out.

Plumbing Leak

The leakage on your furnace might not be on the system itself. In some cases, it’s caused by an external issue like a plumbing leak. A broken or clogged plumbing pipe may cause a backup in the drainage system, making it look like the furnace is leaking. You need to repair or replace the pipes to fix the leak.

Combustion Gases Aren’t Vented Effectively

Water vapor is a combustion product that should be vented from your furnace to the outside. If the vapor isn’t expelled out of your home, then the water may produce moisture inside the vent tube and run back into your furnace. With this, you need to check that the drain tube is always empty and is securely connected.

Issues With Humidifier

Clogging in your furnace humidifier could also be the reason for the leak. Humidifiers are commonly connected to the plumbing system to add extra moisture in the air. If breakage or disconnection in the pipes occurs, then the water will start to drip around your furnace.


Don’t neglect maintenance because it’s one way to prevent these issues! As soon as you notice a leak, it’s important to work towards fixing it as fast as possible. A qualified technician can quickly diagnose the leak and let you know what causes it.

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