6 Proven Tips to Maintain Your Commercial Refrigeration Equipment

6 Proven Tips to Maintain Your Commercial Refrigeration Equipment

Commercial refrigerators are vital equipment that can cost your food business a fortune when they malfunction. This is why preventive maintenance and care is necessary to help you save some cash and prevent your supermarket, grocery store, or restaurant from shutting down.

Here are a few maintenance tasks that you can do to ensure a clean, efficient, and long-lasting commercial freezer:

Always Clean the Interior and Exterior

It shouldn’t take a day for you to clean the entire parts of the equipment. Using a soft cloth or brush, slowly scrub the shelves, drain pans, tubes, and surfaces of the refrigerator with a detergent-based or vinegar solution. If you can remove the drawers and the drawers and shelves, you can soak them for a few minutes, and then rinse. Do this regularly using proper cleaning solutions and materials.

Schedule a Regular System Check

When a refrigeration expert routinely inspects your system, you’re sure that problems are spotted and fixed right in front of you. Setting a budget for a regular system check only means that you’ll less likely to face major commercial refrigeration repair or emergency breakdown later on. During a service visit, electrical connections, worn parts, and other issues are addressed to prevent your system from breaking down.

Prevent Mold from Building Up

Neglected commercial refrigerators can cause contamination on any stored food due to mold and bacteria, and this can discourage your customers. What’s worse is that you may end up violating some health codes. To prevent this from happening, be sure to keep an eye on mold and dirt on your system. A foul smell is a sign that mold is starting to build up, so act on it immediately once detected. You definitely don’t want your food to smell like junk, do you?

Seal the Door Correctly

Please be mindful of the door whenever you open and close it. Failure to close it properly won’t help your system to cool and preserve the food properly. Plus, you’ll be spending more on energy bills and maintenance down the line. We advise you to take serious precautions on your commercial refrigerator door, and you’ll be glad you did.

Don’t Overload!

Certainly, you wish to maximize the space of your refrigerator—from side to side. However, anything that’s too much is bad—even in large-size commercial refrigerators. Using your system to its full capacity exposes it to serious damage and a shorter life. Too many items in the fridge cause strain on the motor and condenser coil, resulting in longer operation and higher bills. These are a few scenarios that you want to avoid when it comes to your commercial refrigerator.

Keep It Dry

Sounds ironic, right? Although refrigeration involves moisture, it doesn’t mean that you’ll let any liquid or spills to accumulate in your system. Too much moisture can cause your system to freeze up over time, thus resulting in an early breakdown. Check the shelves and condenser coil regularly for spills and excess water.


A properly maintained refrigeration system saves both your business and customers. Take note of these tips, so you won’t go wrong in taking care of your equipment. Also, choose a qualified commercial refrigeration service company that offers customized maintenance plan for your system in Arlington, TX. With that, you can trust TemperaturePro Arlington-Mansfield to handle all your needs. Contact us and ask about our commercial refrigeration services today!